ENG-SCI 128: Computational Solid and Structural Mechanics

Time: Monday – Wednesday: 3:00 – 4:15 pm

Location: Pierce 209


Katia Bertoldi - Pierce 311 - bertoldi@seas.harvard.edu

Teaching fellows:

Nick Vasios - Pierce 327 - vasios@g.harvard.edu
Matt Fernandes - Pierce 327 - fernandes@g.harvard.edu

Textbook: A First Course in Finite Elements (Jacob Fish, Ted Belytschko)

Description: Introduction to computational techniques for the simulation of a large variety of engineered systems. The applicability to real-world engineering problems is stressed throughout the course. The course provides an introduction to finite element methods for analysis of steady-state and transient problems in solid, structural, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Modeling of problems and interpretation of numerical results. Implementation of simple MATLAB codes and use of existing general-purpose programs (ABAQUS). Final project addressing a significant problem arising in engineered systems.

Prerequisites: Engineering Sciences 120 and 123 or equivalent introduction to the mechanics of deformable materials and fluids.

Homework (25%)
Two Mid-Term Exams (25% each)
Project (25%)